360 Degree Video Brochure

360 degree video technology is incredibly innovative and offers many advantages. Many of our clients such as estate agents will benefit greatly from the technology as it provides the perfect way to market properties. We are delighted to announce that we are fast approaching the launch date of our high quality 360 degree video technology.

The technology offers ease of use and fantastic results. Each video must be shot at 360 degrees. This ensures the video can be navigated the same way Google navigates in street view. Our use of HD IPS touch screen technology enables trouble-free movement around the video. You simply use your finger to drag to a particular point and the software understands and catches up.

Still in the test phase and with a few last little issues with the software to tackle we are close to being fully operational and will be announcing the launch date of our 360 degree video technology very soon. Prices and samples will be made available over the next few weeks and the video below highlights where we are in the process at present.