The Video Business Card

MiniVision video brochures are proud to announce their video business card – a 2.4” LCD TFT screen mounted inside a business card size printed outer cover.


This powerful miniature video screen communication can deliver up to 10 minutes of video content to the recipient, however, it will be more often used to relay that all important elevator pitch, when you are not able to deliver it in person.

Although the 2.4” screen is the smallest screen in our portfolio the quality is really impressive, the battery life up to three hours of play time and the sound easy on the ear. The other great thing is the fully intuitive nature of this miniature video brochure, simply open the cover and a magnetic trip switch activates the video to PLAY.

The other great thing about the video business card is the price, on a run of 100 around £14.00 each from artwork received through to and including delivery. This may be 100 times more expensive than a traditional business card, but it’s infinitely more powerful and impressive.

In the right hands the video business card, or name card, is an inherently powerful beast for the intrepid warrior looking to make an impact.

What Features Can You Include in a MiniVision Video Brochure?

As a marketing medium, video brochures offer a rich, immersive user experience that is completely different from any other form of marketing collateral out there. By drawing on text, sound and video content in order create emotional intensity, these versatile products offer a huge range of potential applications and continue to be used for a variety of promotional marketing communications.

However, this versatility can be a problem if the team designing the brochure does not have a clear picture of how their intended recipient will interact with the product. By answering these questions at the beginning of the process you can better determine the print and video formats you need to use, which will improve the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaign.

Video Brochure Features

1. Text & Images

Like many other forms of direct advertising, video brochures offer advertisers the opportunity to combine text and images in a way that delivers a clear, concise message to a target audience. Choose suitable text and images and combine them in a way that personalises your message, including the use of titles, descriptions, captions and vital statistics about your product or service.

2. Video

This is often a stumbling block for designers who fail to realise the potential that comes with combining print and video formats. Rich video content using sound and sight triggers greater emotional intensity in the minds of your audience and you can utilise this to your advantage by fusing digital and physical elements into one seamless presentation.

3. Company Branding

The product that you ultimately deliver to a potential client should be one that fully incorporates your company branding, and needs to reflect not just a logo or colour scheme but also the values that you stand for. This is one of the great advantages of direct video marketing and helps you form that initial relationship between your brand and your target audience. Consider how you want your company to be viewed and displayed, and ensure that this is reflected in the finished product.

4. Add-ons

Once you have created your message, consider what additional elements would present more information and improve the experience of your audience. You can incorporate optional add-ons such as integrated leaflets, ring-bound inserts, capacity pockets, hot foils and screen printing, all useful tools to help you present additional information.

5. Bespoke Packaging

Once you have arrived at a format that works, consider the packaging that your video brochure will require. Curveball produces bespoke packaging for our range of video brochures that incorporates different shapes and sizes in order to accommodate the product or existing print collateral. We offer both soft and hard back covers which affect the feel of your brochure.

6 Reasons why Video Brochures are so Effective

Marketing campaigns are tough. Simply trying to find new customers and connect with them in a way that resonates is a difficult task, especially when everyone around you is trying to do exactly the same thing. As a specialist in the production and distribution of video brochures and video marketing materials, MiniVision understands what it takes to stand out from the crowd and get heard.

We’ve seen first-hand how effective our video brochures have been used when utilised as part of a direct mail marketing campaign or as a first point of contact between our clients and potential customers. As a marketing medium video brochures represent a unique opportunity to reach your target audience and grow your brand, and we believe that this is down to a number of reasons.

1. Meaningful Interactions between your brand and your recipient

By combining text, graphics and video content into a single multimedia presentation, you can create a compelling story about your company, product or service that engages your audience on an individual level. Video Brochures are universally accessible, operating without the need for WiFi, power cables or software updates.

2. Increased Leads

By altering the content of the video you can target your audience persona much more effectively, providing potential customers with the information they need in a format that they can easily consume. Studies have shown the people can assimilate information much faster in video format, as this incorporates sight and sound to form an emotional connection with the viewer.

3. Straightforward Distribution and Tracking

Campaign and Marketing Managers can better collate data and monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns, finding out what works and what doesn’t. This allows you to use your distribution and tracking channels to find out more about your customer base and tailor your approach to target their needs.

4. Better Communication

From the physical bond that is created when your target audience receives their very own video brochure to the content in their multimedia presentation, every aspect of the product that they receive is designed to communicate with them in a more effective way.

5. Feedback

You can keep your campaign relevant and meaningful in real time by using feedback to adapt the content in your video presentations. Video brochures can be easily recalled, amended and even restyled, providing the flexibility you need to get an improved response over time.

6. Distinctive and Memorable

With such a wealth of advertising and marketing channels out there, it can be difficult to find a way to communicate with your target audience that hasn’t already been tried before. Video Brochures can offer that unique, compelling lift you need to take your campaign to the next level.