What Makes Video in Print Marketing so Effective?

In the digital world, finding a way to raise awareness of your brand and properly communicate your message has never been more important. This essential task is made all the more difficult because of the sheer volume of information available to consumers, which makes finding new and innovative ways of reaching people on a deeper level much harder.

As video print media innovation specialists the Minivision brand from Curveball Printed Media represents a unique range of video brochures, books, signage and displays, all designed for maximum impact.

Despite being a relatively new product on the marketing scene, video brochures, video signage, video folders and point of sale video displays have quickly become established as effective tools for marketers looking to really make an impact. In fact, video brochures became the fastest selling promotional communications media on the market in 2015.

So, what exactly makes video in print marketing so effective?

Instant High Impact Marketing

Put simply, the ability of video brochures and similar products lies in their directness. Companies are able to deliver their message directly to their audience, free from interference by third parties, external media or competition from other sources. For their part, your audience can enjoy a multimedia presentation designed just for them, using a device that offers outstanding clarity, sound quality and screen resolution without the need for a WiFi connection or software downloads.

All the products in the Minivision range offer a simple, straightforward and personal form of communication, delivered from the palm of your hands. The applications here are almost without limit, and to date our video brochures have been utilised by an incredibly diverse range of clients operating in almost every conceivable type of industry and business sector.

As well as the nature of the product itself, the sheer diversity of finishes available is partly responsible for the success of Video in Print Marketing materials. As well as accommodating any specific requirements you may have, Minivision can also offer a definitive range of foiling and embossing options, as well as the use of particular materials in order to achieve the desired effect. Throughout, our production team is capable of developing the brief of the product to accommodate company branding and include any additional features that may be required.

All of these features allow you to create a finished article that allows for targeted lead generation for your business, provide enhanced communication between you and your targeted audience and allow you to track the success of your marketing campaign.

For more information, get in touch with the experts at Minivision by phone or email.

Video Box – 7.0″ Screen With Hot Foil Silver

We are proud to show our first video presentation box designed to house a hard back book with 7.0″ video module embedded in the lid. Ribbon struts prevent the lid falling back, hot-foiled silver buttons allow control of battery powered unit.

The Proofing Process – Video Brochures

Our video brochure productions start with quantities of 50 and up printed offset from cmyk as standard with either a gloss or matt lamination finish.

We offer various proofing solutions depending on the time available and complexity of the job.

1) Digital Mock-Up Digitally Sent (Lead Times 1-2 w/days):

This is by far the most popular and quickest proofing option. Upon receipt of digital art files we digitally print the carrier, hand cut a sample (without lamination) mount the screen of your choice, load video, shoot and take digital pictures that we upload to our web courier for you to download as a working proof. We provide this along with a RIP .PDF of the carrier to check colour settings


a) Quick b) Reliable c) Isolates any design oversights 4) Accurately shows controls


a) Not accurate colour match b) Without lamination not true representation of finish c) Cannot print special colours or foils with accuracy.

2) Production Sample (Lead Times 6-7 w/days):

The most reliable 100% accurate way of proofing is to follow the steps above and to print, die-cut laminate and to send the first-off-line sample for approval prior to finishing and delivery of the bulk. Providing a working sample is the only truly authentic way to show what the production will look like.

NB Video brochure productions are very small print runs, even a large order is only 1,000 sheets which take 10 to run on an offset press. This negates the historical use of a wet proof (or machine proofing). The cost of prepping the press and associated finishing set-ups make wet proofing irrelevant – we may as well print the extra sheets and save a second set-up process. It is important to note that any design amends and creative changes are made at the pre-production digital proofing stage. If we have to make changes the print run will need to be paid for twice.


a) 100% accurate


a) Adds to lead time by 4-5 days

3) New Formats (1-2 Weeks):

Where we are undertaking projects that we have no existing tooling or design templates, we have a preliminary design stage where we produce a white dummy, often a two stage-process. This is very important; without confirming the structural design requirements it is unwise to produce a design.