Curveball Print Media News Update

MiniVision video brochures are swiftly becoming Curveball’s most popular product both at home in the UK and USA. When we first looked at manufacturing video brochures we were excited about their potential, but unsure quite what they delivered in terms of benefit to the recipient and marketer.

“Unique advantage of video brochure marketing has become apparent”

Having now delivered many editions of video brochures, the unique advantage of video brochure marketing has become apparent. To put it mildly, it’s in your face marketing. With no software to download or install, no USB sticks to insert, no cables, wires or WIFI signal required – video brochures only need to be opened and they activate – simple.

video brochurevideo brochures

Whether a MiniVision video brochure recipient is in a concrete basement, airplane, jungle, or out to sea, the device will play a full multi-media presentation of your choosing. Powerful stuff! Not having to be tied by any physical or technological constraints makes a video brochure unique. Obvious applications for B2B marketing include: trade show collateral, sales force leave-behinds, top level targeted direct mail, channel marketing and many more besides.

We are already looking into the future and considering publishing options for consumers who wish their wedding album, or child’s christening, to be uploaded and printed as a video brochure. Watch this space!

By Adam Hazelwood from Curveball Marketing Ltd
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Uploading New Videos To Your Video Brochure

For those wishing to upload and update their MiniVision video brochure with new video files, software can be downloaded free of changed from:

NB The software only works for 4.3” screens or larger.

Great Review From Oil Industry Giant

“For a client known for technical innovation, these video brochures proved a big hit at a recent international industry conference. Other exhibitors were even commenting on them. The ability to cascade a sophisticated video message without the need for augmented reality/app downloads gives this product its true USP. Screen resolution and clarity is excellent and they were delivered to a tight timescale. A great way to make an impact.”