Hard Cover Video Brochure

MiniVision supply a range of hard cover video brochures with screen sizes ranging from 2.4-10.1”. The description hard cover refers to the print materials used, in this case a 1000gsm board (unprinted). This thick unprinted board is then dressed with a 157g silk lining paper and the video console, a 300gsm silk board printed to specification.

The console is then affixed to the inside of the book cover. The result is a beautiful, stylish, coffee-table quality video brochure that turns heads. This process is a little trickier to design, slightly longer to produce and costs about 10% more than the soft cover option. About 20% of our production are hard cover, usually for clients who require a high-end look and feel to their brochure.

Overall the hard cover adds about 10% to the price of the soft cover option in terms of costs and about an extra 20% of time in production, due mainly to the large amount of hand finishing required to dress and assemble the covers. Quite often clients ordering a hard cover video brochure will add hot-foils, spot UV finishes, document wallets and business card slots to their brochures to make them stand out even more.

The other key added value benefit of the hard cover video brochures is they will last a lot longer than the soft cover alternatives. The coffee-table album covers off a high level of protection, especially saving damage to corners during daily use.