MiniVision Press Release

MiniVision Video brochures are the fastest selling promotional communications media in 2015.

Video brochures offer a true multi-media experience, integrating sound and video with miniature flat screens, traditional printed brochures and hard-back books. The real beauty of new media is that they are not restricted by wifi, download settings, security issues, firewalls or user ability. All you have to do is open the book cover and a video plays its message to you for anything up to two hours!


We are producing video brochures for a variety of B2B marketing communications. Recently Jazzbones asked us to produce an edition to promote Miele’s new Knock2Open range. We printed the outer carrier, adding a metallic silver foil over a matt lamination to provide extra wow-factor to recipients. The foil effects were extended to the inside control buttons which directed three promotional videos lasting a few minutes each.


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