Video Brochures a Unique Marketing Opportunity

Curveball Print Media has been producing print and packaging solutions since 2002 and has launched a range of video brochures with miniature screens ranging from 2.4 – 7” inside a range of innovative printed carriers and video card formats.

Video brochures have gone through the early adopter stage and are now becoming a mainstream media format. Units can be purchased from x25 upwards and with delivery times from 7 working days.

The play time on the battery-powered video brochure ranges from a few minutes to half an hour, the video brochure rechargeable via a standard USB connection.

Curveball has launched a new website to extend the brand and offer a one-stop-shop for people looking to purchase vide brochures. Adam Hazelwood Managing Director at Curveball commented “Video brochures are fast becoming our best-selling media format, as prices of the screens and associated technology falls the market will open up further. We can see an entire range of products from calendars to desk tidies incorporating this technology, extending the reach and penetration beyond purely a brochure concept”.

Curveball offers a unique research and returns program for their video brochure customers. Hazelwood commented further “During evaluation the only negative comment about video brochures were that they were not very environmentally friendly. To overcome this we are offering a free returns programme where we will send back recycled MiniVision video brochures free of change to the client for reuse”.

If you would like to receive more information about MiniVision video brochures, or associated Curveball products, please contact or visit

By Adam Hazelwood from Curveball Marketing Ltd
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