The Video Business Card

MiniVision video brochures are proud to announce their video business card – a 2.4” LCD TFT screen mounted inside a business card size printed outer cover.


This powerful miniature video screen communication can deliver up to 10 minutes of video content to the recipient, however, it will be more often used to relay that all important elevator pitch, when you are not able to deliver it in person.

Although the 2.4” screen is the smallest screen in our portfolio the quality is really impressive, the battery life up to three hours of play time and the sound easy on the ear. The other great thing is the fully intuitive nature of this miniature video brochure, simply open the cover and a magnetic trip switch activates the video to PLAY.

The other great thing about the video business card is the price, on a run of 100 around £14.00 each from artwork received through to and including delivery. This may be 100 times more expensive than a traditional business card, but it’s infinitely more powerful and impressive.

In the right hands the video business card, or name card, is an inherently powerful beast for the intrepid warrior looking to make an impact.

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  1. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    Video business cards seem really great! Marketing is all going digital now, so videos are definitely the way to go. Seeing a little 2.4″ screen in a business card would make me more likely to look at the company.


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